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Commentary on the Future of Telecom
Renodis is the first and only company in America to offer a comprehensive, integrated, Outsourced Telecom Management solution.

Called Turnkey Telecom Management™, or TTM™, our approach is the result of more than 10 years' experience helping hundreds of enterprises solve telecom management problems....
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Big Commentary
Politics, humor, and critique of the craziness that is our world. My blog primarily focuses on current events and policy that affects the United States. The total list of topics, however, is large in scope. Basically, whatever is in the news and is a hotly debated topic is fair game. I also write in both a serious and humorous style depending on my mood and the topic at hand....
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monkeyshine nutworks - partner blog with direct link
A critical commentary on world events by a maverick from Madras...
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POLITICS-NOBS - partner blog with direct link
Political commentary and satire...
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My Humble Opinion
Random collection of opinion articles and commentary on a variety of issues, with an emphasis on out-of-the-box thoughts on current events and trends....
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Agile Commentary
I'm not a leader in the agile software development community, but I'm lucky enough to have worked with some of them. I find myself splitting my time between continuing to learn and coaching others.

I frequently find myself in great conversations about Agile or the environment around it. Most of this content is an invitation to join me in those debates....
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Sports News Sharing Online - CommentaryBoxSports
Get all country wise information of AUSTRALIAN, AMERICAN, EUROPEAN and WORLD with read, watch video and see latest & updated sports news about AUSTRALIAN NRL, AUSTRALIAN Rugby Union, AUSTRALIAN AFL, AUSTRALIAN Football (a-leauge), AUSTRALIAN cricket, AMERICAN NBA, AMERICAN AFL, EUROPEAN Premium League, European Football, European chapions league, Europa league, World Surfing, world tennis & other sports. ...
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Political Commentary
Political Commentary from writers who are definitely provocative but always correct. These are the types of attributes necessary for the articles....
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