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ComicsVerse is a blog that uses comics as a platform to discuss race, sexuality, gender, and inequality in an effort to promote positive social change through acceptance and tolerance....
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The Comic Book Guys
When two former Marvel Comics employees let their slacker ways get the best of them it's all about movies, comics, and mango juice!

Welcome to the world of THE COMIC BOOK GUYS, your source for all things Comics, Movies, TV, and Pop Culture!

Frank and Raph have spent time in all parts of the comic world and have decided to bring their talents (if any lol) to this new and exciting project. With the help of the dedicated Crew, they will be bringing you t...
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Captain Bloggington's Blog of Bloggers
Group blog featuring many writers who cover different nerd culture topics like Gaming, Comics, Video Games, Magic the Gathering, and fun fictional writing. Tournament Magic the Gathering articles to humorous spoof articles. ...
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Thunderscorpion's comic blog
blog with comic reviews and related comic topics...
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Ivo Comic Strips - partner blog with direct link
Blog featuring funny comic strips and cartoons about many subjects, especially the everyday adventures of the couple Ivo and Eva. ...
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A Slice of me: The way of the chupakabra
A blog with contents regarding online business, Web comics and Gaming news, accompanied by my own articles....
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Anarchic Q - Writing, Art & Comics by Q
Hi. I�m just your average chronically ill, amputated, red headed, Canadian freak obsessed with Alice Cooper, Silent Hill, and the Muppets.

I write and draw various comics and am currently working on a few novels....
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A day in the life of hunter
A day in the life of hunter is a blog about comic books and comic book characters...
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Best Webcomics
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Secret War 4 : Great Face Off
After three reforms of Secret wars, Secret wars 4 promise to bring something unique and best story of God Doom and the Thor Crops offering a electrifying new chapter with our heroes...
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