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ThoughtsFromParis - Humor From Delfin Joaquin Paris III
Stories, Thoughts, and Nonsense from Delfin Joaquin Paris III...
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When Routine Bites Hard
Thoughts on things. Life, Animals, Culture, Swearing.

Mind rot tumbling out about the place. Words, images, colours and shapes.

This is a creative outlet. Sometimes perhaps it will be more like a sewage outlet. It will be an outlet none the less....
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Helium Pizza
Satirical social commentary by Canadian humorist Vaughan Reid....
Blog Detail > Category: Humor > Hits: 192 > Date Added: 23-2-2015
The Daily F**king News
DFN is the world's most trusted and reliable pseudo news source, the epicenter of sarcasm, and the new standard of excellence in media and journalism....
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A Comedian's Notebook
Joke ideas, stories, and articles about what it's like to be a stand up comic starting out in New York City....
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Summit Comedy: Book one of your talented Comedians Today
Press Release for Summit Comedy...
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Lol Funny Pix
See funny memes and pictures. Entertainment for the whole family. You can also pin the images to Pinterest....
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Summit Comedy - Entertainment
Summit Comedy provided comedians for events of all types. Check out our talent and book your event....
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How To Get Nowhere
How To Get Nowhere is a blog focused on creating live comedy shows in a small town, featuring tips for amateur comedians who want to perform stand up but don't have access to larger comedy scenes in big cities. You'll find info on how to write jokes, how to start a comedy show, and how to deal with common obstacles that DIY comedians often experience....
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Dank Lists
Hilarious lists, videos, and more....
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