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Coconut tree garden
there are so many coconut trees...
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Harish Coconut Products - Coconut Fiber Exporters in India, Sri Lanka
Harish Coconut Products, a well known coconut fiber exporters in India & Sri Lanka. We supply twisted coir, desiccated coconut, coco peat & more....
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coconex oil | Pure Virgin Coconut Oil For Skin and Hair
coconex oil is Pure Virgin Cold Pressed Coconut Oil enriched with Jojoba oil, Aloevera, Vitamin A & E for your Skin and Hair....
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Manufacturing of Virgin Coconut Oil – Natural beauty friend
Virgin Coconut Oil is one of the few foods that can be classified as a “SUPERFOOD”. Populations that eat a lot of coconut are among the healthiest people on the planet
Coconut oil is anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal but so gentle and moisturizing that it’s probably the best addition to your natural daily skin care routine.
It’s the practice of forcing oil between your teeth and ‘pulling’ back the oil, through your teeth. It’s a traditional way of maintaining oral health, as wel...
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Why Coconut water is good for your health?
Coconut water has become the most popular fitness drink, partly because of its organic nature and partly because it is extremely hydrating and tastier than water taste. Not only it is low on calories but it is also fat free and cholesterol free.

Coconut water is a very popular drink and is consumed by people of all ages across the world. It is touted for its healing and medicinal properties. It is a gift of nature that benefits us both internally when ingested and externally when applie...
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