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Chronicles of Illusions - partner blog with direct link
Poetry, non-fiction, fiction, articles, photos, slideshow, videos, short stories and thoughts about the worls as I see it....
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Land Rover Chronicles
The online source for Land Rover and Range Rover news, reviews and blogs....
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Admin Chronicles is a one-stop resources for tips and tools for administrative professionals to prosper, succeed and achieve career success. We provide career advice, skill-building opportunities as well as job search strategies....
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The ElastiCube Chronicles
My name is Elad Israeli and I am one of the co-founders of SiSense -- developer of Prism, a next-generation Business Intelligence platform, and the inventor of the ElastiCube BI technology. My passions are business intelligence, technology and the Internet, and each plays a significant part in how SiSense conducts its business.

This blog is a collection of thoughts and ideas on business intelligence, the Internet, being an entrepreneur and starting one's own company. I hope you enjoy...
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The Chronicles of Rico
The chronicles of Rico with regular appearances from super-dumbass, Rick "The Mullet Man" Suave. I am a 27 year old rural Iowan with an arsenal of true yet unbelievable stories which include warped yet subconsciously common thoughts and observations pertaining to the shitstorms I encounter frequently....
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THe Mommy Chronicles - partner blog with direct link
A modern take on the "mommy" blog just because I am a mom doesn't mean I have to act like one all of the time. Occasionally someone has to stand up and say all moms are not the same and this mom is crazy. Now this blog is for those of you that are ready for a mom that keeps it real 100% of the time....
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dee's Chronicles
All about the family and the home....
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Fluke Networks Cabling Chronicles
Copper and Fiber cabling industry news, standard changes/updates, customer insights and shared learnings....
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Chronicles of Riding the Delhi Metro
The perfect place on eblogger to talk about the common things that affect our life. From weird observations to DIY chocolate making, workplace affairs and lifestyle choices
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