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Christian Quotes
A collection of Christian quotes, Bible verses and famous inspirational sayings from the bible....
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Periwinkle Confessions
A Guide for Christian Girls. Beauty. Fashion. Food. Love and Relationships. Faith. Inspiration....
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A blog of resources and services to help Churches and Small Businesses build a better presence on the web....
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The Eccentric Conservative
This blog centers primarily upon politics, but it also touches upon various quotables (Sunday's Quote), photography (Iconic Shot & From My Own Camera), somewhat random ponderings (Guilty Pleasures & Just Thinking Out Loud) and history (On This Day in History)....
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Christian Business Solutions - partner blog with direct link
Christian Business Solutions teaches you how to build your business for Jesus using the strategies of the Kingdom's best financial advisers. Now owners of even the smallest or newest Christian businesses can have access to the advice once available to only the largest or most successful businesses. Learn Kingdom principles on stewardship, finance and provision. Readers can choose to sign up for free weekly updates & receive the FREE report "How to Develop & Write a Business Plan´┐Ż that can be a...
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Christian adventure books
There are several Christian adventure books which penetrates the mind of the readers offering them a basic idea on Bible and invoke love for GOD and his creation....
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Pr. Steve's Thoughts On Things
A Biblical, pastoral perspective of current world events, political processes, interesting news items and their relevance to the Christian faith. Topics discussed include end times, prophecy, promises, faith, and the responsibilities of Christians....
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Sacred Raisin Cakes
Why is the sacred suspect, and why are those who talk about Jesus so awful at walking like Him? Scott Yi, missionary at Brown University and seminary student, illuminates with the seeker in mind. Christian apologetics for the rest of us....
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Christian Song Lyrics and Chords
A complete collections of Christian songs lyrics and chords from most
popular artist Christian Singer around the globe...
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Visit Christian Bags Page
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