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China Import - Infos für den eigenen Einkauf aus China
Auch wenn der China Import manchmal vieles zu wünschen übrig lässt, gepflastert ist mit Bürokratie und Umwegen, eines muss man sich jedoch dabei vor Augen halten: China ist immer noch der Standard-Lieferant der Welt und zum größten Teil kommen auch einige fantastische Produkte aus China.
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Key Considerations when Outsourcing Payroll Services In China
CBC - Primasia is a proficient outsourced payroll service provider that offers organizations with a cost-effective corporate solutions and bring you standardization and compliance in your business...
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How to use a human resource agency effectively
At CBC Executive Search (cbchr), we are continually interested in diversifying our team and always accepting resumes of talented candidates from entry-level positions to top executives....
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China Underground
Every day news, amazing images, cool videos, movies on China....
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Tips before outsourcing your Accounting Service To China
With the experienced team of over 25 fulltime consultants, CBC business consulting provides comprehensive consulting-services related to company setup, market entry, sourcing and office-in-office etc. ...
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Lucintel Estimates China Carbon Fiber Market to Grow at a CAGR of 7.6% over 2013-2018
Carbon fiber applications are on the rise in the composites industry, as manufacturers in different application industries are increasingly adopting this versatile material. Major usage of carbon fiber in China can be found in sporting goods, aerospace, and industrial applications. The sporting goods industry is the largest consumer of carbon fiber, followed by industrial and aerospace segments.
Carbon fiber is ideal for sporting goods, aerospace, and industrial markets due to its features, ...
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World Leading Medical Equipment Manufacturer in China

Unison Bio-Medical Co.,Ltd. (Short as Unison) is a global medical technology company, dedicated to innovation, research and development, state-of-the-art manufacturing, distribution of advanced electronic medical equipments, such as Patient Monitors, Electrocardiographs (ECG), Fetal & maternal Monitors (CTG), Fetal Dopplers & Ultrasound. Unison implements both ISO-9001 and ISO 13485 throughout R & D and manufacturing process.
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China Honest industrial Material Franchiser
Honest, as a trading company and a purchasing center, try our best to search the most suitable product you ask for. As customer orientation, we provide not just what you want but also what fit you the most. Our aim is to establish a long term relationship with you and provide excellent service include after sales services. We are built up to supply top class products and meet different demands. This helps us to gain markets from foreign and domestic countries. By also having good relationships w...
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international conference call China, conference call China
Conference Call China

The Conference Call China Services have become very important when it comes to scheduling business conference calling and ensuring better business communication. The services help participants associated with an organization to communicate with each other at ease, irrespective of the distance barrier. The services ensure efficient communication management ranging from small to large group of people.

Nowadays, you will discover a few sorts of conferencing a...
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