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AI for Marketing & Sales: Your Friendly Sales Guy is a ChatBot
Know how chat bots will help your sales and revenue in the years to come and how to make a start…...
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MOOCs & Online Courses: Features of the Future
In the first episode of MOOCs and online courses we discussed the advent of online courses. We also discussed the basic features one needs to employ in order to build an app that replaces conventional classroom teaching. In the sequel to the same we will discuss the more complicated features and the future of these applications....
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Why bots are not enough to drive your company customer support
Companies need to carefully assess if their business needs are served by bots rather than aggravating customers by deploying the technology inappropriately....
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Simplifying ATS integration with help of APIs
HCM space is constantly evolving with systems becoming intelligent and flexible in order to maintain their competitive advantage. An ATS (Applicant Tracking System) is one of the core components of a successful HCM solution that assists in automating company’s talent acquisition needs....
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Designing the Right Chatbot for Your HR Requirements
Chatbots are an increasingly important paradigm for HR. Instead of having to create complex designs and time-consuming user interfaces, chatbots allow the HR function to integrate process workflows, FAQs, documentation, feedback and ticketing systems into a single integrated interface....
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Chatbots for Universities: Redefining how Students Acquire Information and Enroll
“Chatbots are coming”, is probably an understatement today. In fact, chatbots have arrived, and are redefining the way we interact with people and software systems around us. They can be seen across organizations doing multiple tasks such as handling customer support tickets, taking orders, resolving employee queries, screening candidates and many more such activities....
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Chatbot Ecosystem: Understanding the Technology Behind Chatbots
There has been a massive surge in the development and usage of Chatbots and conversational User Interface (UI) over the last few months. A quick search can give you insights into the journey of Chatbots, starting from ELIZA back in 1966 which was designed to mimic the human conversation to SIRI launched in 2010 by Apple. ...
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Chatbots Can Potentially Transform HCM and Make it Much More Effective
John Doe is an HR executive at a mid-sized organization that uses an HR system to manage various aspects of employee lifecycle. In any given week, John typically receives multiple queries from employees around aspects such as benefit plans, payroll, time off, tax codes etc....
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Chatbot frameworks: A quick look at popular ones
In my two previous blog posts chatbots in HCM and chatbots for universities, I talked about the immense potential chatbots have in HR Tech and learning space. A quick Google search would show 100s of other areas where chatbots are relevant...
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Infographic | Understanding the technology behind chatbots
Learn the technology used for building custom chatbots that can intelligently assist HR and employees.
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