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Boutique lithothérapie
Vente en ligne de pierres, cristaux, minéraux, bijoux en pierres naturelles pour les chakras, la lithothérapie et médecine douce...
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chakras et intelligences multiples
Découvrez comment utiliser le pouvoir des Intelligences Multiples et des chakras pour améliorer votre vie personnelle et votre bien-être...
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Chakra Healing Stones, chakra healing
Chakra is a Sanskrit word which means wheel. In the human body, these chakras denote the energy points or nodes in the subtle body through which the vital energy or the prana flows. Although it is considered that there are thousands of chakras in the body, there are seven main chakras that are vital for the body. When there is a blockage of the flow of the energy or prana through any one of these chakras or all of it, it can lead to different health issues....
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Dzignchakra has been created to help people understand good design and implement them in their life to make it more beautiful, organized and healthy. We aim to connect our readers to a wealth of design resources, ideas and community online....
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Kalchakra tour 2017
Looking For 34th Kalachakara 2017 at Bodhgaya? Bodhgaya Rooms offers the best services to the clients at affordable rate with kalachakra initiation 2017 tour Packages Registration and Travel Guide....
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Chakrata – Hidden Paradise In Uttarakhand
Located far from the city, the noise and the population, Chakrata is a beautiful picnic spot. Welcoming people from all over the place and see its beauty, Chakrata is the hidden gems of Uttarakhand.

This hill station is located at 7000 ft in Uttarakhand and around 80km away from Mussoorie....
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Law of Attraction – Holistic Healing for Abundance
The primary Law of Attraction refers to the natural magnetism between two similar and likely series of events, circumstances or people. This is absolutely the reason for why we are solely responsible for each positive and negative experience we encounter in our day-to-day lives. The Law of Attraction provokes and applauds you to learn to live with the independent feeling of being in control of each event developed as your future – molding it according to your individualistic thoughts. The alone ...
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Yoga for Health and Fitness – The Seven Major Energy Centers (Chakras)
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