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Blood Stem Cell Donors In India | Datri Stem Cell Registry
Datri blood stem cell registry offers a dedicated service for blood stem cell donation, to finding exact matching of HLA typing to blood disorder patients...
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Annual Conference on Cancer Biology and Therapeutics
"To Whom It May Concern, please treat this communication as very important and need urgent acknowledgement from Allied Academies. The purpose of this letter is to formally invite Members to attend as speakers at CPD Accredited for “International conference on Cancer Biology and Therapeutics "" going to be held during October 23-24, 2017 Toronto, Canada
Conference theme: Integrating and Innovating the Ideas of Cancer Therapeutics
For further information please visit our website: ...
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Choice Cancer Care Southlake
Southlake Oncology is a well-established, reputable medical oncology colon & breast cancer treatment center with locations in Southlake and Irving, Texas. Oncology is a unique specialty of medicine in which the physician and staff have on-going interaction with patients, family members, and friends. It is our aim to recognize the intricacies of this diagnosis, understanding that an individual with cancer is not only being treated for the cancer, but is a complex human being whose diagnosis impac...
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New drug- THZ-1 promising for treatment of Triple Negative Breast Cancer
Irish Cancer Society Collaborative Cancer Research Centre posted results showing the new drug- THZ-1 to show promising results in prevention of triple-negative breast cancer growth. The study was conducted by BREAST – PREDICT (Irish institute) and was funded by European Union (RATHER).
The cancer type is one of the most rapid growing types and lacks biomarkers in tumours. Accordingly, targeted treatment like hormone therapy fails to show impact, forcing patients to rely on chemotherapy.
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HIV Cure, Cancer Medication, Hepatitis C Treatment
Life Saving Drugs is an online pharmacy that is trusted by patrons worldwide. We are suppliers of non-restricted medicines that are procured from FDA approved manufacturers only.
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For the months of June and July our newsletters will take a closer look at the comprehensive range of testing we conduct to establish what is the best method of treatment for each of our unique individual patients. ...
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Know What Efforts You Need to Put For Getting Effective Prostate Cancer Treatment
Day by day, people are getting affected with so many diseases be it normal or dangerous. The cancer is one of the illnesses that has made victim to so many people. With advancement in the field of science and technology, you can get several therapies. The Prostate Cancer Treatment is one of the best examples out of them.
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International Conference on Cancer Therapy and Oncology
International Conference on Cancer Therapy & Oncology during June 21-22, 2018 at Osaka, Japan is the Cancer Conference for the life sciences, which offers powerful opportunities to network with the right people and and bring together hundreds of the world’s most innovative leaders across Cancer Diagnostic Centers, Cancer Labs and finance for high-level networking, pre-scheduled attending meetings, strategic panel discussions and more....
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Vegetarianism Causes Cancer?
Just lately, a news report revealing that a vegetarian diet can bring about an increase in the possibility of colon cancer went viral. The story, posted by news agencies was extensively grabbed by media organizations, resulting in people questioning the diktat proposed by doctors, that a vegetarian diet basically helps cut down cancer risks....
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Why Is This Bacterium Hiding in Human Tumors?
The colon most cancers tale started in 2011, when Dr. Matthew Meyerson of the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Dr. Robert A. Holt of Simon Fraser University in British Columbia independently reported discovering Fusobacteria, which generally inhabit the mouth, in human colon cancers....
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