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New drug- THZ-1 promising for treatment of Triple Negative Breast Cancer
Irish Cancer Society Collaborative Cancer Research Centre posted results showing the new drug- THZ-1 to show promising results in prevention of triple-negative breast cancer growth. The study was conducted by BREAST – PREDICT (Irish institute) and was funded by European Union (RATHER).
The cancer type is one of the most rapid growing types and lacks biomarkers in tumours. Accordingly, targeted treatment like hormone therapy fails to show impact, forcing patients to rely on chemotherapy.
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Annual Conference on Cancer Biology and Therapeutics
"To Whom It May Concern, please treat this communication as very important and need urgent acknowledgement from Allied Academies. The purpose of this letter is to formally invite Members to attend as speakers at CPD Accredited for “International conference on Cancer Biology and Therapeutics "" going to be held during October 23-24, 2017 Toronto, Canada
Conference theme: Integrating and Innovating the Ideas of Cancer Therapeutics
For further information please visit our website: ...
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Blood Stem Cell Donors In India | Datri Stem Cell Registry
Datri blood stem cell registry offers a dedicated service for blood stem cell donation, to finding exact matching of HLA typing to blood disorder patients...
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How To Prevent Oral Cavity Cancer
Oral cancer can occur in anyone, 77 % or a lot of all mouth cancer is connected to modifiable behaviors, like tobacco use and excessive alcohol consumption. If you want to avoid oral cancer, you’ll be able to take preventative measures....
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5th International Meeting on Breast Pathology and Cancer Diagnosis
It gives us great pleasure to warmly welcome you all to “5th International Meeting on Breast Pathology and Cancer Diagnosis” which will be held in Miami, Florida USA during April 4-5, 2018 hosted by Allied Academies. The conference is a highly organized campaign with the theme “Cancer survival is a life revival” which will be the best stage for all the Doctors, Medical Practitioners, Students and Clinical Research Organizations to gather on a single platform that helps to gain knowledge from cur...
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Do You Know Celebrities are Surviving with Cancer?
Do you know many celebrities are surviving with cancer? And many are won to fight against cancer. It shows that cancer is depending on any age, race or gender you are, cancer can strike anyone at anytime....
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What Is Kidney cancer?
The kidneys are reddish-brown organs about the size of a small fist located above the waist to either side of the spine. They are closer to the back then to the front. In kidney cancer, cells grow uncontrollably and form tumors.

Kidneys filter blood and remove impurities, excess minerals and salts, and surplus water. These organs also produce hormones to help control blood pressure, red blood cell production, and other functions. Although people have two kidneys, each works independentl...
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Why radiosurgery is a better treatment for cancer & tumors?
Radiosurgery is the medical treatment, which uses focused radiation to cure cancers and tumors. This non-invasive therapy is one of the many treatments available for cancer and tumors.
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