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Aloe Vera Blog
Aloe is mother nature's remedy. It heals your immune system, skin, bowels, and more. Keep up with all the uses of aloe in our blog....
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New Survey Reveal that Laser Hair Removal leads to Cancer
In accordance to the new survey, it is revealed that for a few ladies, laser hair removal medicines are justified regardless of the enormous sticker price for smooth, bare skin. Regarding disease hazards, X-rays, and gamma rays are the riskiest and are known as high-recurrence ionizing radiation.
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The Types of Stem Cell Transplants Used in Cancer Treatment
Stem cell transplantation is still a major area of study as far as cancer treatment is concerned. There are many research centers that have invested huge amount of money in this technology in a bid to cure cancer. It is proving to be quite a promising treatment option. It is already being used in the treatment of some types of cancer. The only thing that remains is to make is safe and a general option for treating all sorts of cancers.
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No Cancer from Cell Tower Radiation
Today Lots of people think that the radiation is major reason of cancer but it’s wrong if you want to know about the all details of Radiation from cell phones checkout the for all information....
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6cycles is owned by Maruti Agency. Maruti agency has incept in the Year 2012 with its vision to provide service to the cancer patient. We are engaged in wholesale and retail distribution throughout india of specialized medicines (mainly Oncology products) manufactured by reputed Indian & Multinational companies....
Our inception we have persistently endeavored to progressively improve the quality of service we provide to our customers, to increase our customer base, and t...
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Use of Hyperthermia in Cancer Treatment
Hyperthermia cancer treatment or Hyperthermia Radiation Therapy, as is more commonly known as, works on the principal fact that tumorous and cancerous cells in the human body react in a different way then healthy cells do. Cancerous cells can treated with a heat source that does not affect healthy cells in the same manor....
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Cancer Causing Elements that Hide in Plain Sight
It is certainly alarming to encounter that there are plenty of cancer causing elements incorporated in our everyday routine. While tobacco, smoke and alcohol are evident carcinogens, there are some that hide in plain sight. Here is why!
Did you know that your body is exposed to thousands of toxins and carcinogens everyday?
There are plenty of cancer causing elements in your shampoo, soaps, cosmetic products and the delectable packaged food that you simply love to gorge on. A truly gl...
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Ovarian Cancer: Why you should be vigilant!
We women often tend to ignore signs given by our bodies and brush them off as ‘nothing’ or ‘routine health issues’. As we want you to be in the pink of health, we are here to make you vigilant about Ovarian Cancer.
Women are true superheroes in disguise, juggling millions of roles with ease and to perfection. However, more often than not these super heroes forget to take care of themselves and ignore all those aches and pains with a simple’ It’s going to be fine’. Well, as we want our sup...
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Regional Cancer Center | Cancer Treatment Facility | Slidell Memorial
Our Slidell Memorial Hospital Regional Cancer Center is working to ensure the continued increase of cancer survivors in our area.
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