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Surgery Vip
Plastic surgery gossip sites, Great articles in all your favorite stars. It has a harm reduction section that is quite good I case you are in doubt of doing a procedure in your self. ...
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Exploring and promoting music from established and emerging artists of all music genres globally.
We cover new music videos, breaking music news, exclusive music interviews, and much more....
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Modeling, Acting, Celebrities and Zulie
Zulie is one of the wildest people and that is part of what makes her unique to so many.Zulie's spirited dialogues with many celebrities including Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, David Spade, Peyton Manning, Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman and Ricky Gervais to name a few keeps them jumping. They all love every minute of the fun she creates. Having dated some of Hollywood's most famous hunks, gives her a sexiness unique to Zulie.
Nothing in Hollywood is a random occurrence everything we see has a story...
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Celebrities Weeding Checklist
Organizing your own wedding can make this event much more meaningful and unforgettable for you; however, in order to make sure everything important will be covered, you need a wedding checklist. Try this website and learn how to make your own checklist for a perfect wedding! We have also a lot of celebrities weddings....
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See Celebrities Prom Hairstyles
Finding the right prom hairstyles can be a hassle if you don’t know where to look, but if you visit this website, you will surely get the inspiration you need to look fabulous on the special day. Get inspiration from celebrities, but see other new sources as well and learn what is best for you....
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Check Celebrities Nail Designs
If you’re looking for a place where you can get the latest info on nail designs and learn the latest trends in manicure techniques, you shouldn’t miss this site with valuable information. The articles featured here focus on both elegant and wacky nail designs, so you can be trendy no matter the occasion....
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Knowing Nile (London Uncut ) UKs No1 Blog
A Year Of Knowing Nile

"Knowing Nile" is a factual, frank and incredibly witty account of "Knowing Nile"in his last year in London's Brick Lane, or in Nile's words, “The way it was.” Nile died in June 2012 via mental health issues.This is truthful account this time.
Throw Madonna , Hugh Grant, Matt Lucas and Duncan James into the mix while starting a Media company forming a relationship while suffering from mental health issue

Sharp Crust humor and sensitively written ...
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British Expats Abroad
British expats social hub. Blogs, Articles and forums covering all aspects of expatriate life abroad. Discussion and news of moving overseas and living and working in another country. Blog about your migration journey and life in a foreign land and catch up and chat with other Brits in New Zealand, Canada, USA, Australia, Spain, Germany and many other countries. ...
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Conversations with Brit and Grit - partner blog with direct link
Mostly my partner and I discuss politics and current events, both in England and the US. We do, however, go into many other subjects, and often often in a humorous way....
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Celebrity Gossip-Celebrity Scandals
All newest and popular celebrity news, gossip and scandals. Find here all your favourite celebrities, get to know the stars better. Paparazzi celebrity pictures and high quality images....
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