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famous urdu novels
here you can download free urdu novels and books...
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Pleasant Spot
Pleasant Spot is a place which brings you pleasure. Be it books, gadgets, gifts, jewelry, music and movies, you have wide range of products....
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Digital Books
The website of the digital-book readers. Discover the most interesting books and novels. All books available in digital format. Fiction, historical novel, data books, all sorts of books....
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Sci-fi Bookworm
This is a SFF (Science Fiction and Fantasy) book review blog. I have been an avid reader since I can remember and I have been performing regular sci-fi reviews/critics (only for personal entertainment) since 2000! Follow the blog (updates also broadcast through facebook and twitter)....
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Artseblis Reads
Pushing 60 reads a year. Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Mystery, Historical Thrillers, YAs, and Science Fiction. No Fuss, no frills, just very personal book reviews....
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berbagi mimpi - partner blog with direct link
ajang sharind dan download info2 dan file terkini...
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How To Survive Any Financial Crisis Blog
We help middle class families develop a strong plan of their own for saving and investing wisely in economic downturn....
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Wedding Notebook
As a bride-to-be who’s coordinating her wedding, I want to take note of all the things that I’ve encountered during the journey to make my big day special. This “wedding notebook” is mainly for myself to look back up on later in my life, as well as to provide some interesting and useful facts/ideas for other brides-to-be out there....
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Book Collecting 101
Information and resources for book collectors amd book readers....
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free Virtual (ebooks) books for you
You can download many types of books here without paying a single penny......
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