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Books on Audio
Books on Audio Blog and why I like them so much and will tell you why! ...
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Laptop computers
Review laptop - computer, cellphone, netbook, notebook...
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Astounding 21st Century Sci-Fi, Horror, Thriller, Adventure Novels!...
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Chemical eLibrary Free Engineering Books
Download Chemical Engineering Books, Medical Books, Maths and Computer Books, History, Fiction books and related books, and Photography.
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Notebook of a Gamer
Site is meant for documentation of thoughts, ideals, and standards of old and new games we play....
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Literary Greatness
Weekly updates with famous books and author bios. Great literature. The writing of literature. Reading. ...
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Quality Edge-book
A leadership story for those who lead in business and also in ther lives.........
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Publish Articles Online - Edubook
Collaborative weblog that allows freelance writers to publish their articles for free. Visitors can browse topics of interest and subscribe to feeds online....
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Pleasant Spot
Pleasant Spot is a place which brings you pleasure. Be it books, gadgets, gifts, jewelry, music and movies, you have wide range of products....
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Sci-fi Bookworm
This is a SFF (Science Fiction and Fantasy) book review blog. I have been an avid reader since I can remember and I have been performing regular sci-fi reviews/critics (only for personal entertainment) since 2000! Follow the blog (updates also broadcast through facebook and twitter)....
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