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Jonnerz Irish view on Irish life - partner blog with direct link
This blog is just a day to day view of Ireland life, the good bits and the bad bits....
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Candy Bouquet Tid Bits
Gift Giving Blog designed to include different gift giving tips and ideas for both personal and corporate life, intermingled with candy bouquet and gift basket spotlights, and commentaries by the owner of AC
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Nibbles of Tidbits, a Food Blog
Nibbles of Tidbits, a Food Blog — It’s about the Good, the Bad & the Funny in relation to FOOD. A place to read and write about those great dishes we’ve made, as well as those “dishes gone wrong.” It’s a spot on the web to possibly discover what not to do next time, or to take away yummy ideas....
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bits and bobs - partner blog with direct link
a mish mash of poetry, photography, rambling and so on....
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Babying your Baby Iguana the Right way
there should be baby iguanas where cats, dogs or rabbits baby are present. It is during this stage that these iguanas appear in their most fragile and need your loving care the most. In older years your iguana will remain healthy when you specially take care of your iguana pet.
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Get your dose of music news on the musicians and bands that shape your world. I'll run down news from every style of music along with tour info, new albums and the twisted business side of music....
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The Drill Bit
Doctor Drill Bit, a Metallurgist who has dedicated his life to all types of drill bits and there applications. He is here to share his knowledge on drilling all type materials. High speed, cobalt and carbide drill bits for drilling steel, wood and everything in between....
Blog Detail > Category: Autos > Hits: 773 > Date Added: 8-11-2010
We explore the most interesting tidbits of knowledge and factoids from all over the internet. We seek to arm the world with knowledge, interestingly unique knowledge....
Blog Detail > Category: Personal > Hits: 751 > Date Added: 12-1-2011
The Daily Challenge
Action oriented blog discussing habits, comfort, discomfort and encouraging action and motivation. ...
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Pay attention to any changes in the dog’s sleeping habits - Posh Puppy Boutiue
A dog will go through various stages of activity and restfulness during the day, spending about 50% of its time in a sleep stage, about 30% in a restful state, and about 20% of its time in an active and fully awake state. Of its time spent sleeping, the dog is only in REM sleep for about 10% of the time. Because the dog spends less time in the deepest stage of sleep, the average dog needs more four to six hours more sleep than the average human....
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