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Kir DeVries Blog
We bring you inspiring ideas for dining, entertaining and lunch. ...
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Indian Bentonite
Swell Well Mine Chem is into manufacturing of a wide range of Bentonite products in India. The client’s base includes foundries, construction, contraction, and pharmaceuticals and cosmetic industries. The Indian Bentonite powder supplied by the company is extremely suitable for internal and external detoxification. The Indian Bentonite is supplied in crud as well processed forms. It is also supplied in various packings as per client’s requirement.

A very large number of deposits of the ...
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Bentonite, Drilling Bentonite
What is Bentonite?

Bentonite is a highly colloidal clay mineral decomposition of volcanic ash, having the ability to absorb large quantities of water and to expand to several times its normal volume, gets its name from the place where its presence and usages were first discovered – Fort Benton, America.

Bentonite, sometimes refer as sometimes referred to as Montmorrilonite is a naturally occurring substance, composed of a number of layers, each approximately 10 angstroms thick,...
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Nasch- und Bentoblog
A blog about bentos, japanese sweets and travel to japan....
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