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Finding the Right Tool for Your Automated Testing Services
Your tool should produce modular test cases for easy maintenance over a long period of time. Modular test cases are easy to amend and reuse, reducing the workload of your QA team, optimizing your automated testing services, and getting your product to market faster....
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From spreadsheets to automation with AP software
By moving from spreadsheet-based processing to AP software to process your invoices and track payments, you can make the entire AP process more efficient and effective.
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Robotic Automation Solutions for Investment Casting Manufacturers
Being investment casting manufacturers, you must be already familiar with the old manufacturing process that is investment casting....
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Bare Metal OS Deployment
DCImanager allows you to manage servers, VLAN, and all the necessary components from a single point of access. Automate server deployment and server provisioning, inventorize active servers and those on stand-by, keep track of electricity consumption and traffic, automatically add new equipment, as well as reboot servers remotely. Receive full information about your DC as a whole and every server in particular!...
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Business Process Automation
Ketusoftware offers business process automation (BPA) software solutions that help reduce human resources. The benefits of BPA are optimized business processes, increase ROI on information assets and improves accuracy, accountability and reliability

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Comfort Air HVAC & Home Automation Vancouver WA & Portland OR
Installing the best & servicing the rest since 1983! Portland and Vancouver's trusted provider of HVAC, home automation, furnace & AC Installation & Repair...
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The need for Advanced Test Automation
Test Automation is booming lately with new advancements that ensure bug free applications. The software industry has embraced the automation concept, as it has the potential to save tons of time and money. However, in reality the results are not that encouraging.
The software test automation is facing several key challenges:
Automation suites designed for an app, won’t work if the app is customized or its configuration is changed
Low reusability of existing test automation scripts, t...
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Home automation solutions and smart living
Home automation Solutions and smart Living.Once you properly manage your energy, you will be able to scale back your energy consumption, which can assist you save cash. perhaps and maybe most significantly, complete home automation helps you to customise your home to suit your family’s distinctive desires and manner....
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Expense management automation using online expense report software
Notifications and acknowledgements serve to foster communication among individuals involved in the expense management process. In this post, we’ll talk about how online expense report software can help automate them. ...
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Adoratouch - The Best Switches and Dimmers for Home Automation
We are pleased to launch the next generation electric switches and dimmers . We at Aris have re-invented the electric switch with useful features and a wide range products. Based on capacitive touch sensors, all the Touch switches and Touch Dimmer (Slider and Wheel) have an appropriate backlit icon which gives a rich user interface. A choice of both Connected Switches / Dimmers or standalone switches are available.

All our products have:
• An Elegant Glass Touch Interface
• Wide...
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