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Autism Resource Books - partner blog with direct link
A blog designed to provide access to resource books to parents of an autistic child....
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Autism Spectrum Disorder Blog
I really like this blog for the questions and answers about Autism
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Autism: Symptoms & Treatment
Autism mostly develops early in life and it may refer to a wide range of developmental disorders with which some people are born with or develop early in life. This group of disorders is called as the autism spectrum. And, someone whose condition falls within this spectrum has Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)....
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The Autism Handbook
Welcome to the Autism Transition Handbook, a Resource for Families

Making the transition from school to adult life is challenging. For individuals with autism spectrum disorders and their families, this transition is particularly difficult because federally mandated educational supports stop when a child turns 21. Adults and families are largely left on their own to find secondary education, housing, recreation, health care, and employment opportunities.

The goal of this wiki i...
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Autism Treatment in Chennai | ADHD | Quantum Biofeedback Specialist
Quantum Biofeedback is used to restore the organ function, hormone stabilization and many more. Koncept hospitals is specialized for Autism and ADHD treatment in chennai....
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Inclusive Schools for Children with Autism in Noida | VitSupp
Are you looking for Inclusive Schools in Noida. Here is a verified list of Inclusive Schools for Children with Autism in Noida.
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Is there a test for Prenatal Diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder | Vitsupp
In an Autistic Child Family, the likelihood of the next child having ASD is up to 25%. Is there a test for Prenatal Diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorders.
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dentify Four Behavior Issues in Kids with Autism In Order To Tackle These with Ease
Sleep problems in kids with Autism are quite common and as per some experts, kids with autism have sleep disorders. This is observed more in developing children where insufficient sleep results in learning problems, drowsiness during daytime and quite a few behavioural issues like aggression or hyperactivity. As per a recent survey, kids with sleep problems show more problematic behaviours as compared to those who are good sleepers....
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The most precious jewel for a parent is their child. The laughter… the smile of a kid, gives parent a divine feeling. However, the situation is different with an autistic kid. They do not interact socially, they live in their own isolated world and becomes aggressive occasionally. It’s a deep sad feeling for the parents seeing these symptoms in their child. The moment parents get to know their child is autistic; they even give up the hopes for their child’s recovery.

But Parents… wait… ...
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