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Find Out The Charm Of Art And Architecture In Agra And Rajasthan
Rajasthan and Agra- these two places are famous for their galaxy of incredible art and architecture are famous not only in India but also in whole world. Both the places have such beautiful examples of royal taste and sense of art that the whole world stand spellbound in front of the architectures....
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top Architecture Colleges in Maharashtra
Smt Manoramabai Mundle College of Architecture is in the top Architecture Colleges in Maharashtra offering Architecture Programs like B.Arch,M. Arch,PhD....
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Acoustic Architectural Design and Planning
In today’s architectural environment, a good acoustic architectural design isn’t a luxury – it’s a necessity. Acoustics impacts everything from employee productivity in office settings to performance quality in auditoriums to the market value of... » Read More...
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When Architectures symbolize emotions FacebookTwitterLinkedInShare
We all know that we like to visit places that have rich cultural and architectural background. The essence and aura of such places is palpable and deeply set in the rich, cultural growth in which Read on...
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Your movie is an Architectural Marvel
Ever wondered whether all those scenes that you see have any significance in real life? Have you seen the huge Bunglows and vast open spaces with a home right in the middle of it. The... » Read More...
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Cultures and Architectures
What we know about architectures is that whatever has been built has come after standing the test of time. It is essential to understand that a lot of demographic intelligence went into preparing the buildings... » Read More
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Looking for an option to decorate your walls and are stuck up between to go with wallpapers or paint then , to decide on a wall treatment is not an easy job, there are end number of options available today and all might be confused with the two popular options – Paint or Wallpaper.

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Learn architectural space planning and area utilization
How would it be to live in a residential building or offices do not having the standard size of rooms and no architectural space planning? To an extent the answer is subjective, but there is... » Read More...
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Learn the ways to achieve profit in architecture industry
Like every business, architecture firms are also finding the way to gain the profit. Thousands of critical decisions are responsible for every profit in the architecture industry. Try not only cover your costs but make... » Read More...
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The Marvel Architectures of Ancient
If you ever had the idea to go through some of the ancient civilizations that were created, you would be surprised to know that a lot of our current architectural ideas came from there and... » Read More
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