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Voylla Puts A Spin To Wearable Art With Ajrakh!
Voylla pays a tribute to the age-old tradition craft of Ajrakh that dates back to the time of Indus Valley Civilisation. The word is derived from an Arabic word ‘Azrakh’. Traditionally, Ajrak is the name of the fine art of block printing done on a cloth with deep crimson red and indigo blue background. The craft only uses natural colours (vegetable dyes) for its making. Hues of red, yellow, blue and black are mostly used with symmetrical patterns in the background interspersed with the brillianc...
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Tony Garabet
A person should not have to elect whether or not to have good vision. Antoine Garabet Says it is important that patients have safe and advanced technologies to help them see well. ...
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Tap the Glory of the Arabic Language and Take Your Business Forward
The Arabic language dates back to a long time ago as one can trace its use back in the 6th century. Of course, the language has gone through a lot of changes and there have been plenty of other languages…
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Why HR Loves Wearable Technology
It is a known fact that healthy employees are happier and more productive at work, and cost a company far less money in the long run, leading to better business results. And it goes without saying, anything that promises to improve employee wellness will spontaneously draw the attention of HR leaders. Employers are looking to play a greater role in employee wellbeing and a large number of companies are now introducing wearable technology as part of their wellness program.

The growing fa...
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Avukat Şamil Demir
Turkish mediation and law blog....
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Wearable Application Development for Smart Devices
Technology has introduced so many advancements in the past few years and wearable devices is one of them. Since their genesis, wearable devices have impressed the users. Day by day, they have been providing an exceptional user experience which is why now; every other business wants to have wearable application development.

Wearable applications and devices have enhanced not only the professional lives of people, but also they've helped improving their personal lives like never before. F...
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Find Best Hajj Packages 2017 from USA to Saudia Arabia |
Hajj is the final and fifth Pilar of Islam. We are here to offer you best hajj packages in USA to perform with great affordability and quality services. We are offering our services from last 20 years in USA. Our hajj packages 2017 are specially designed to fulfill all your needs with respect to your budget.

We are certified Hajj Travel agents having partnerships with best hotels and airlines. We do not compromise on our quality. To fulfill our commitment, we provide best accommodation,...
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Gelang Tasbih Kayu Kokka Kaukah Asli Hitam Turki Arab Mesir Mekkah
Kayu Kokka Asli, Kayu Kokka Hitam, Kayu Kaukah Asli Terbaik, Kayu Kokka turki, Kayu Kokka Arab, Gelang Kokka Asli Turki, Gelang Kokka Bertuah, Gelang Kaukah Asli Karomah Hitam, Gelang Kayu Kokka Asli Kalimantan Bertuah, Tasbih Kokka Asli Turki Mesir, Tasbih Kaukah Asli Turki Buntet, Tasbih Kayu Kokka Asli Mesir Turki Online Hitam Buntet ...
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Best Umrah Packages from USA to Saudia Arabia |
Our value to serve pilgrims and every Muslim whose dream is to visit Ka'aba in his life. We have designed our Umrah packages for those who want the best value for their money that come with high affordability and quality facilities i.e transportation, stay, food and guidance.

Cost-effective Umrah packages in USA are designed to help you achieve your dream of visiting Ka'aba and Masjid Nabwi within your budget. We are partners of many high quality yet affordable hotels and airlines to co...
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Looking for best inflatable kayak? I've spent countless hours analyzing the top products, interviewing consumers & experts to build this list! ...
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