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Lebanese Music
Sawt EL Ghad Lebanon is the top most FM radio station in Middle East; that avails the listeners with whole lot of quality Lebanese music to our listeners when they log in to our website. The songs played here are truly comforting and give the heavenly pleasures to the listeners with all the sweet and soft melodies....
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MegeByte - Ultimate Junction for Tech News, Android, iPhone, Social Media and Wearable
Mebebyte is crafted out for passionate tech freaks. Here we make regular posts on Android, iPhone, Social Media, Wearable and everything about tech. Right from troubleshooting to latest news and rumors. check it.
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Reinventing mobility strategy for the wearables age.
The trend towards wearables in enterprise means another step towards a seamless digital experience for employees. This would mean that companies would need to revisit and assess their mobility strategy keeping in mind the wearables and their advent in the workplace....
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Toggar: First Arabian / European online B2B Marketplace
Toggar was established in 2014 in Germany, It's a global e-commerce web portal for both small and well-established businesses in all trading industries.
"Toggar" means "Traders" in Arabic, targeting business-to-business marketplace, aiming to overcome the current challenges of cross-border trade, to give support to merchandise traders worldwide and to facilitate expanding their businesses and products through the overseas markets.
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Translation Services for your Court Session
The interpreter is smart enough to know all the legal terms and you can move on with the session easily....
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Free Arabic Books
Read And Download Free Arabic Books In science, Literature , Philosophy And Cooking...
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Arabic Calligraphy - Online learning
Arabic Calligraphy Services was first established in 1999 as a world leader in the field of Arabic Calligraphy - Providing , enjoyable Arabic Calligraphy Styles...
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How to Design Wearable Apps for Your Users
Since wearables have hit the markets the whole tech and fashion industry has been trying to design hardware and software to amplify user experience. An industry leader like Sony is crowd funding Wena in a bid to make appealing hardware for the fashion conscious. Aesthetics put aside, the hardware bits are easy to cover but building functionality design that is cognitive and intuitive, is the real challenge.

As an app development company we have had our eyes glued to the developments f...
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Free Arabic Books
Learn And Download Free Arabic eBooks Format PDF in Science , Literature, Culture And Cooking ...
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arabs school
Code of Arabs School to study and education in the various stages of education primary, intermediate and secondary.
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