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Mobisoft Infotech
Mobisoft Infotech provides various application development services such as android application development,blackberry application development,iphone application development,web design and development in India pune
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Flex Application Development
Flex is a free, open source framework that enables you to build highly interactive web applications and primarily used to create business-type applications. It�s a complete, powerful application development solution for creating and developing cross-platform Rich Internet Applications (RIA) within the enterprise and across the web that can respond to dynamic environments. Even when certain resources are not available, the program can produce approximate, imprecise results....
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How To Create A Business Application In Data Grid – ORO Platform
This article is to share how Symfony2 framework has easily been our best decision to work on OroCRM. It has a user friendly interface, along with data grids, filters, grouping and sorting of data, entity manipulations through workflows. If you haven’t used it yet, get ready to change your working process....
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Learn how Lucintel’s new innovation and application library will help you identify opportunities and
Savvy sales and marketing teams are using data and insights to identify new opportunities for growth. Lucintel is the leading provider of market intelligence tools that help sales, marketing, and R & D teams perform faster and smarter, opening doors for new opportunities. Without adding hours to your workday, you can infuse sales calls and business meetings with up-to-date industry information that demonstrates a thorough understanding of your clients’ challenges and opportunities. Lucintel 360 ...
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Karnataka Epass Scholarship Application Status 2014-2015
Karnataka Epass-Karnataka Electronic and Payment Application System of Scholarship (karepass) online Post Metric Scholarships disbursements by means of application of ePass Karnataka...
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Get Started With Custom Horizontal Datepicker in Android
Nex Mobile Apps, Android Application Development team is sharing this post to help you get started with horizontal date picker (Slider)....
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Custom iPhone applications –Best way to increase the sales and revenues
Soft System Solution is an IT based company from New York. This IT firm provides web services in mobile application development, website design & development, digital marketing and many more.
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Today’s conditions for a great Android application development
It’s difficult to crave a special niche in Android application development market, especially if the crowd of thousands of other Android developers is already the part of this race. Until and unless an Android developer has advanced skills, survival is not easy. Here are some top to the skills an Android developer is supposed to learn in order to beat the competition and get desired place in the Android world....
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Businesses’ cold response to “upgrading to new OS” is shrinking PC market.
Of course, PC market is experiencing bad time. Response from corporate world to PCs seems to be rather cold. Companies are not upgrading their PCs to new versions of operating systems. According to an estimation of Gartner and IDC, global PC market shrank between 5.2 to 6.7 percent during the first quarter of this year....
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Tablet Machine India – Types and Variety of Applications
There are lots of variations done from the beginning to the end of these machines. The concept may be tough to understand but it is important too....
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