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Apple Watchkit – For Apps At Fingertips
An Apple Watch is considered to be a gadget from the neighbouring universe though it is designed and manufactured on planet earth. The features showcased by an Apple Watch are simply phenomenal, easing out human effort for communication and entertainment. As we see an Apple Watch is a smart gadget that is wearable, the apps that work on it be designed differently than ordinary apps and possess a status symbol. Let’s see what Apple has in store for the app developers eyeing the Apple Watch.
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Apple WWDC – 2015, Highlights and Much More Part 2
The day had a cold start, I had to quickly run to the station or else I would have missed my train to the Moscone Center. In my previous blog, I had shared updates regarding MAC OSX 10, iOS 9, XCode 7, Apple Watch, Core Foundation changes, Swift 2, Testing and Cocoa. Apple had executed both the days of the conference on schedule, no errors, smooth planning.
In this blog, I would mainly cover the sessions which took place on day 3 and 4 of the Apple WWDC, 2015. Topics of these sessions includ...
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Apple Watch Alerts – Glance and Notification
Quite recently, I came across an interesting piece of information, Global Equities research, stated that Apple watch is looking to break all records and become the most successful product launch by Apple. Apple has already shipped 2.5million units and is projected to cross over 5 million in total, beating the first quarter sales of iPad by a million devices.
Apple watch is not simply an extension of your phone screen to a smaller watch, it has presented the user with a whole new set of inter...
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'FREAK' attack on Apple and Google makes users defenceless
Millions of us have been browsing the highly professed secure websites from self-styled secure devices of Apple and Google, which now seems was open to hackers like any other all the time. ...
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Grapplersinc. Tools for your world
We can wonder how it can be a daily battle to look at the litter or junk and pick it up that has been staying in your yard since ages. There is a greater possibility of fumbling around the trash while picking or cleaning, especially when you are not using any tools to clean. You might even accidentally drop some of the litter that you just collected from the ground and can get really messy if you are just using your hands. All this can be avoided and dealt with an efficient tool that we call the...
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Blogg Boss
Blogg Boss is designed to provide up to the minute daily technology news on the latest advances in the technology sector including software, hardware and gadgets from around the world. Our overall mission is to provide every news to our readers which is on going all around the world....
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apple tree spray oil, All Purpose Grease, Automotive Lubricants Oils
More power, more protection. SMK Petro high performance synthetic oil and lubricants are engineered for all of your industrial and automotive needs.
SMK Petro Lubricants is the Leading international lubricant manufacturer, supplier, Exporters. We Have more than 10-years of experience. Lots of the world's top manufacturers select SMK Petro...
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Apple iwatch wiki
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Apple Watch
All About the Apple Watch...
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Honeydipped Blog
This blog is an informative resource for Apple watch owners who desires to turn their steel iWatches into identical looking gold edition at a fraction of the retail price. Honeydipped Plating Ltd provides 18 or 24 karat yellow or rose gold plating services for Apple watches and also offers pre-plated gold iWatches with fast shipping throughout USA and Canada....
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