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Animal and tissue engineering
this topic comes under current synthetic and systems biology. Animal engineering is to produce animals by the modification of genes to get our desired traits by using recombinant DNA technology. This is mainly to farm animals which grow faster, have healthier meat and flesh. Tissue engineering is to understand the principles of tissue growth and apply this to functional replacement of a tissue for clinical use. This will allow organs to be grown by implantation.

for more scientific info...
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Best funny videos ever
Funny animal videos like funny cat videos, and dogs videos, and funny baby videos are gathered to make people laugh....
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Wise Marketing Animals
Business and Marketing Blog - Exclusive News in top trending niche markets. #1 Free offers and downloads!...
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Small Animal Planet
A blog all about animals...
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This is all about Wild-life...

here you can see different animals and snakes......
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Hudson Animal Hospital NYC
At Hudson Animal Hospital, located in the Upper West Side of Manhattan, prevention of disease is our main goal. We recommend annual examinations, vaccinations, dental hygiene and other health safeguards. Should your pet become ill or injured we also offer cutting-edge medical and surgical care in our facility. Our goal is to practice the highest quality medicine and surgery with compassion and an emphasis on client education. Our entire healthcare team is committed to providing personal attentio...
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Overview Of TICKS: Extreme Danger To Animals
Ticks are obligate ectoparasites of most types of terrestrial vertebrates. They are large mites and thus are arachnids, members of the subclass Acari. They are more closely related to spiders than to insects. The ~850 described species are exclusively bloodsucking in all feeding stages....
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Animals Niche
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Finding the emergency vet in Adelaide for your pets
When it comes to pets health then finding the best animal hospital is important to ensure their good health. Anyone want to keep its pets away from unwanted diseases or injuries should prefer Port Road West Croydon Veterinary Clinic in Adelaide....
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Emotional Support Animal News, Information, and Helpful Tips
Our blog content features news and information regarding Emotional Support Animal issues. Articles are written by subject matter experts and clinical-staff members....
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