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How to Integrate Payment Gateway in Your Enterprise Mobile Application?
A native iOS or Android application development for your business is an ideal planned decision to capture the online payment market. ...
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Why Should Your Business Have Mobile Application?
Each this type of businesses got modified when the digitization introduced them on the Internet, and that alternate has now come to mobile applications....
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Android or iOS? Which platform you should go with?
Taking a pick on the right mobile app development platform entirely depends on the mobile app developer. Here are some facts that can help you to decide your
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Create An iOS Or Android Application, How To Choose? Find Out Comparision
There is a huge response for application development in iOS and your chance of getting selected is more if you will get a training from one of the best institute which is web-astral. Call us now! ...
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Is Your Mobile App Not Making Any Money?
In the tech world, every app developer dream to build a mobile app that will transform their idea into enormous riches. That dream has led designers, developers and marketers around the world to spend countless hours into ideating, analyzing, designing, programming, and marketing their apps and games....
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Andro Trends - What's Andro Trending today ?
Find latest Android Trends, News about Android, upcoming devices etc. Know Android Tips, Tricks, Apps reviews, device reviews and lot...
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Why This GPS App Be Useful for Android, iPhone Users?
The Geo measure area calculator works as a GPS app for Android and iPhone. Check area, distance, mapping measure and land surveying easily....
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How to Market and Promote Your iPhone Apps?
"Considering different phases of mobile app development, promotion and marketing before and after launching the app is pointed out to be most important to reach out to the public.
Blog Detail > Category: Technologies > Hits: 0 > Date Added: 14-8-2015
How Material UI Differs?
Google launched the Android Lollypop aka Android L, a mobile operation system for Android phones couple of months back. One of the major updates in this version was “Material UI”. As part of our team’s culture in learning and implementing new emerging technologies/methods, we showcased various visuals of this new design style. It was noted that users found it difficult to figure out and appreciate the differences in the new Material UI design.
This observation was validated upon my discussio...
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