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Top 5 American Cities for Freelancers
Freelancing was started way back in America when the rest of the world was struggling for internet connections. Therefore, it is spreading like a renaissance in the American continent. ...
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Indo American Montessri Pre School
Start your own School Franchise. Register Now with Indo American Montessori Pre School Franchise and Get Offer
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American Healthcare Technologies
American Healthcare Technology (AHT) provides many services to hospitals, clinic, patients etc. Featured services are : Electronic Health Records (EHR), Personal Health Records (PHR), Medical Coding and Billing, Managed Care, Financial Analysis, Medical Animations, Software Development. For getting more information about AHT, please visit the website :
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Property Taxes and American School Funding
Nearly 90% of the Americans rely on public schools to educate their kids. Public schools, in turn, depend on government funds. Sounds quirky, right? Just ingest these facts.

Link between Schools and Taxes
Unless governments fund American schools, the condition of education remains pathetic. Tax dollars circulated as funds, set those schools in motion. Property taxes play a key role in school finance. Those are taxes levied on owners of properties such as land, homes, industries, etc...
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Dietary Patterns and Breast Cancer Risk in Asian Americans
Researchers have investigated the relationship between the dietary patterns and the risk of breast cancer in Asian Americans....
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Giving Thanks for the Fall Harvest, the American Way
Thanksgiving is an annual national holiday commemorating a harvest festival celebrated by the Pilgrims in 1621. Letís look at the history behind Thanksgiving....
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Buy the good quality flag holder cases online
If you are willing to buy good range of American flags or American flag cases then Online Stores is the best source. It is the largest retailer of flags and accessories which you need for the special national occasions to show your love and respect toward your country....
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American Bully University is the Website that provide information, tips, that can help you on how to take care your american bully...
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American Pharmacy Purchasing Alliance News
The APPA comprises of experts and professionals in the field of Pharmacy Purchasing....
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Ferywala: Bangladeshi Americans classified also concentrates on building social groups, Social relationship among Bangladeshis who are in the USA. In todayís world, where Information plays a vital role to keep ourselves updated, is the only source to keep you run well. The sole purpose of this site is to serve Bangladeshi Americans living in the USA in a best possible way. The main intention behind developing this website is helping people, to know our own people. In Business listings you would be able to find m...
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