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Essence of Akshaya Patra’s Nutritional Mid-Day Meal Programme
Nutrition fosters the development of physical and mental faculties in a child apart from ensuring his general wellness. Akshaya Patra’s Mid-Day Meal Programme in schools fosters the serving of food with nutritional values each time and every time....
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Akshaya Patra with Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution
Akshaya Patra celebrates the occasion of serving its 2 billionth nutritious meal from its Guwahati Kitchen. The celebration took place during the launch of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution in India....
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Akshaya Patra Official Blog App – Thanks to FirstWire Apps
The Akshaya Patra Foundation has launched its official blog app. FirstWire Apps, a mobile application developer developed the app. Read our blog to know more....
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Akshaya Patra – Enabling The Creation Of Opportunities
In India, 34% of disabled children are out of school because the environment lacks the right services. In such a scenario, how are we going to ensure we provide opportunities for disabled population? Akshaya Patra, an NGO which feeds the children, shares a message....
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Fun with Fundraising - Akshaya Patra Blog
Akshaya Patra encourages engagement in civic-minded activities for fundraising and we are ever ready to provide guidance and support to those who are interested....
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Akshaya Patra is Stepping Closer Towards its Mission
Akshaya Patra's mission - feeding 5 million children by 2020 is taking significant leap towards reaching it. New initiatives and projects have taken in 2016. Read full story....
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Revisiting 2016: Akshaya Patra’s Achievements and Future Plans
Among the various achievements of 2016, one of the biggest has been the completion of the 2 billion meals. Read as we talk about our achievements and future plans on serving mid-day meals on every school day....
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Morgan Stanley Volunteers at Akshaya Patra
Volunteers from different departments at Morgan Stanley, Bangalore were able to spend the day at the Akshaya Patra VK Hill kitchen and the Uttari School on the outskirts of Bangalore....
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A Glimpse of The Fascinating World of Akshaya Patra's Mega Kitchens
This blog will give you an intimate look into an Akshaya Patra kitchen, with photographs of how exactly we accomplish feeding 1.5 million children daily!...
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Republic Day - Creating a Progressive Future | Akshaya Patra
Akshaya Patra hopes creating a progressive future is in our hands. This year, lets celebrate the Republic Day in fulfilling the dreams of India's young hearts and minds....
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