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What the Future of Agile Certification has in Store for Project Managers
Agile certification and other project management certifications will revamp the professional outlook of an individual. Not only do they hone skills but place an individual amongst the top segment of management professionals.

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The value of Holding an Agile Certification
Agile certification has become an important feather in the cap of a project management pro. So how exactly can it be valuable for you? Continue reading to understand the value.

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Five Integral Steps to Agile Risk Management
Agile certification is all about project risk management through application of proven methodologies. Here are five integral steps to Agile risk management that help contain serious impacts to any project.

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Resource for great agile methodologies and agile development...
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Agile Certification & It's Benefits
Agile projects have become quite popular. A research shows that 67% of project management professionals have worked on at least 4 agile projects a year. Here is what you need to know about the exam. Also learn about the training needed to be agile certified.

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8 Mesmerizing Examples of ACP Exam Prep Course
If you have been looking to get Agile certified for a long time now, here are 8 ways how an ACP prep course can help you get that quicker and easier.

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The hustle of a start-up tends to invite into the product development process a destructive chaos that is typically the cause for potential doom, a risk that every aspirer is aware of. It is to combat this very impediment that the Scrum and Agile methodology is brought into practice....
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Agile Methodology: A Key to Success for Start-ups
Start-ups are continuously looking for faster, scalable development & agile methodology is best & one-stop solution for your start-up.
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Can You Outsource QA And Do Agile At The Same Time?
These days most of the companies are adopting the Agile method with the rising popularity of outsourcing. Many company leaders are asking, "Is it possible to outsource QA and use the Agile method at the same time?". If you're among them and searching for the leading software testing company provider to fulfills your testing needs, Then consider partnering with QASource which is a leading software testing company that provides high-quality QA outsourcing services for their world-wide clients. Vis...
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