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Be The Girl
BeTheGirl is dedicated to helping you become the woman you want to be. Organized? Fit? Successful? Productive? We’ve got you covered. #bethegirl...
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Skin Care Tips and Advice
The largest resource online for skin care tips, tricks, and ways to look younger. Find product reviews of top selling skin treatments and learn about ways to rejuvenate your skin....
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Dream Date Club - Dating Advice
We talk about dating, relationships, and how to navigate the waters as a single person in 2017....
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The BlondieLocks
Curate a life that is just right

Striving to provide helpful and insightful advice on lifestyle, food, fashion, home, and do it yourself (DIY).

Fresh and original content 5 days a week, subscribe via RSS @
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TopRatedAnything Blog and Shopping Advice Source
If you've ever wondered, why look at multiple different sources to get advice for your purchase decisions. You can get it ALL with us. From hundreds of hours of research, you can read reviews and comparisons for most of todays popular categories in online retailer sources....
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Art Advice Blog
Master Art Supplies is a website that offers highly discounted brand name products with fast shipping. Check out our daily blog for free tips and tricks on improving your own art style and getting further in your art career. ...
Blog Detail > Category: Arts > Hits: 831442 > Date Added: 23-4-2017 is a motorcycle site with a difference. We tell it how it is. We post news, reviews and opinions on all things motorcycles, with a focus on helping motorcycle riders be better and safer at their sport....
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PPI Claims Adviceline Blog
An established finance blog covering topics such as budgeting, dealing with debt, retirement planning, and money saving tips as well as financial news and advice on claiming back PPI.

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Label Planet Blog
Label Planet's blog offers tips and advice on all things labels. We have posts about materials and adhesives, to help you choose the right label for your project, and information about printers and templates to help you design and print your labels just as you want them. ...
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Mens fashion advice
Dinner suit is an invaluable fashion blog for info and advice on menswear. There are many 'how-to' guides such as 'how to give a speech' and 'how to tie a cravat'. This blog will ensure you look the part and dress the part....
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