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Whose advice do we usually seek before taking some decisions? Parents, friends, family, or the internet, isnít it? Whose advice do teenagers seek when they are on the verge of choosing a stream after tenth?

The above mentioned sources Ė parents, family, and internet can be of help, but we must be mindful of the fact that their idea on the innumerable career options available in limited.

Is it an unnecessary hype being created around choosing a stream after tenth? Certainly not. The stream or the path picked up after tenth usually dictates the entire career of a student. Asking a teenager to do it all by himself is very demanding. So the best way to deal with this is to seek a professional career counselling organizationís help.

Fast backward to a few years, India never knew the concept of a professional career counsellor. But as internet picked up pace, we borrowed the idea of an expert counsellor to help students pick their stream after tenth grade.

These experts donít follow the set formulas. Instead they take the professional route to ascertain a studentís mind by putting him/her through a series of aptitude tests and one-on-one talks. After a thorough analysis, they put the suitable career options in front of them.

A few sessions with the professionals will go a long way in shaping a childís future. A student will get to know the subjects he/she has to study, the skill set he/she must possess and finally the kind of job that could be expected, well before taking up that path.

Parents too are informed on the scope a particular career path holds, which lets them support their childrenís dreams with confidence.

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Date Added : 17-5-2016