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Ruby On Rails is a potent, evolving open source web development technology. It is renowned for building web applications with quickness and simplicity. It provides intrinsic assistance for RAD (Rapid Application Development) without complexity.
Services we offer:
Rails 2.x, 3.x and 4.x
Version Ruby 1.8.6 and higher
Database management systems like MySQL, Postgre SQL, Oracle
Testing Tools such as New Relic, RSpec
Proxy/Web Servers such as Apache2, HA-Proxy
Deploying Application using Capistrano, Webistrano on Servers such as Heroku, Cloud Infrastructure
Rails Application Servers such as Webrick, Mongrel, mod_rails/Phussion Passenger, JRuby + Glassfish & Co.
Expertise in:
Social Networking as per individual needs
E-Commerce Suites, Varied Utility Portals
Content Management Systems
Information Storage Systems
Real Estate Portal, Education Portal
Audio/ Video Streaming
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Date Added : 11-2-2017