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It is not easy to make your new idea into a reality if you do not meet your mentor and that is the truth behind the success of every Indian startup company. There are many Indian companies that owe their success to their Indian mentors. As for example Saleem Mohammed who is the founder of the company Xcode Life Sciences Pvt Ltd. He would not have been able to put his idea of screening DNA for checking the risks of diseases into a technological process had he not met his mentor A. Balachandaran. This meeting inspired Saleem Mohammed to make the product Lifelong Wellness.

However, though there are many companies that have got the inspiration from their ideal mentors there are many companies which still face the issues of realizing what to expect from the mentors when they approach them. Many approach the mentors for capitals, some for networks and others for hands on training and others still remain in dark about what to ask from the mentors! According to the experts mentoring involves answering all the questions regarding the time and the place and also of the context. It is a difficult task to find the mentors too as there are many mentors in India who call themselves social entrepreneurs and when you meet them you realize that they are mostly into building and selling apps. Xcode got its second mentor R Narayanan who invested in the company and co-founded it too. He brought with him 20 years of experience in marketing and that made the relationship more beneficial.

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Date Added : 5-3-2015