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Equity crowd funding is a great way to start a new business. Since you will be appealing to a huge number of people instead of just a handful of high society people, there is always a chance to know how popular your products are going to be, and how many people are going to like it. Since you will be getting the feedback, you will already know whether your business will be a success or not. By opting for equity crowd funding you are not just raising money for your business but you are also doing a successful marketing for your business. As many people get introduced to your product, you will be hitting two birds with a single stone that is raising funds as well as marketing.

Equity crowd funding will allow you to have a loyal customer base. Along with the equity they get in your business, you will be able to develop new links through your customer base. Loyal customers often tend to refer you to the people who they know, thereby allowing you to get new links to fund raise as well as market your products. Only those who feel that your project is a promising one will invest in it. Hence it becomes a statement by itself that so many people who are funding believe in your project. Once you have a successful story you can get further publicity by taking your story to the media.

Equity crowd funding can raise the required capital for you, if you campaign your project smartly and take full advantage of the crowd funding platform.

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Date Added : 18-12-2014