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The 5 Advantages of Using the Eye Trax Ranger Series Surveillance Camera for Remote Security Monitoring
Over the last decade approximately $1 billion dollars worth of equipment has been stolen from various construction sites due to a lack of adequate cellular security cameras. To prevent theft in outdoor jobsites, Eye Trax was born as an innovative new surveillance camera for remote security monitoring. The reason Eye Trax has become an international leader in providing jobsites with construction cameras is because of the multiple advantages of their unique product, mainly that it reduces theft in the workplace.
1. An Indefinite Supply of Power
Eye Trax's construction cameras are a reliable source for many different industries other than construction including oil, gas, security, storage, and power generation to name a few because they have a reliable source of continuous energy. Harvesting its power straight from the sun, Eye Trax products keep working, even during a power failure.
2. Motion Sensitivity/Night Vision Capabilities
Eye Trax technology is also incredibly accurate because it features motion sensing technology as well as night vision capabilities. Without these two features, cellular security cameras are not able to accurately identify trespassers. Eye Trax is also able to identify individual thermal activity patterns to distinguish between human and other types of intruders.
3. Time Lapse
Moreover, motion sensitivity, night vision capabilities, and thermal activity can also be used hand in hand with Eye Trax's time lapse feature which can accurately identify individuals on a frame by frame view.
4. Works on a Cellular Network
Construction and other job site managers always have access to recent updates and information straight to their phones because Eye Trax uses a secure cellular network. No matter what time of day or night it is managers can feel confident knowing that they can remotely monitor their sites at any given moment.
5. Lightweight & Easy to Use
Furthermore, installing and using Eye Trax construction cameras is easy. Eye Trax is so light it can be fashioned to virtually any surface with little hassle. In addition, it is small in size, has an internal battery, and only requires 12 V to operate.
Construction site managers who are looking for a surveillance camera for remote security monitoring should consider choosing Eye Trax. Eye Trax has grown internationally more rapidly than any other product of its kind making it the most reliable choice for security on the market today.
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