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About 5 to 10% of the total amount of agricultural commodities is lost during the storage and transportation process due the moisture and oxygen intrusion that result in pests infestation and fungal growth. So would you like to protect the colour, aroma, texture, viability and quality of your specialty grains, nuts, cocoa and green coffee beans for longer time? Here comes the alternative for you to protect your agricultural commodities against fungal growth and contamination; and that is green plastic bags, which are water resistant and gas tight storage solution for vast range of dry agricultural commodities such as
- Millet
- Corn
- Rice
- Soybean
- Wheat
- Whole spices
- Coffee beans and many others.
These green plastic bags are used as an inner liner for jute bags or ordinary sacks. These food storage bags are made up of Ultra High Barrier Speciality Blend of Polymers and they have water resistant and gas tight qualities that helps in creating modified atmosphere inside the bags. So they are able to increase the shelf life of the grains, nuts, cocoa and green coffee beans around five times more than a conventional jute/burlap bags and a normal polyethylene bags so the shipping becomes easier and you can store your agricultural commodities without losing its richness. All the agricultural commodities can remain fresh for prolonged period of time without the use of chemicals or refrigeration so they are cost effective one.
In food storage bags weight loss is minimized, moisture of the products is intact once the bags are sealed. Rancidity is prevented in the bags as oxygen and moisture is kept out so that the flavor and other inherent quality of the food are maintained for prolonged period of time. Several agricultural commodities remain fresh, aromatic and retain its texture and colour when stored in these excellent quality bags. These bags are mostly available in three sizes including
- 650 mm x 1100 mm
- 750 mm x 1300 mm
- 750 mm x 1500 mm
These food storage bags being hermetic there is no risk of insects and microbial infestation and fungal growth. With the help of these bags, handling and transportation of the agricultural commodities would be made easy and safe as there is no possibility of tear and leakage. Do you have trouble in storing grains, cocoa and green coffee beans for longer period of time? So go ahead and take the advantage to discover the opportunity that maintains the quality of your commodities.

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