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�On My Shelf� is dedicated to being eco-friendly through selling pre-loved books that are just sitting on the shelves. While cleaning up my books, I figured that it is better for someone else to enjoy the book instead of letting the books collect dust on the shelf. There are so many books that I have read once and do not intead to read them again. They look pretty on the shelf but there is really no point in hording. Hence the birth of �On My Shelf�.

To help you pick out a book, we have included the actual photograph of the book for sale, its original price and the excerpts from the back of the book. Look out for some of our FREE books. Yes - these books are FREE but postage will be incurred by the buyer. :)

Instead of buying brand new books, why not purchase one from �On My Shelf�, where the books are always in relatively good condition and some have only been read once. This way, more trees will be saved and you can enjoy your book guilt free. The best thing about �On My Shelf� is that there is no bidding and the prices are listed under the description of each book. :)

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