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Yoga postures to help your body adapt to pregnancy
When you choose yoga for your prenatal fitness it is essential that you do it under the guidance of yoga expert who has special knowledge about the needs of the body during these stages.

Points to be noted:

During the first trimester the risk of miscarriage is the highest. Therefore, even if you have practiced yoga earlier it is advisable to go easy on yourself at this stage.

If you have practiced yoga before, any modifications you add to your routine must be after the first trimester and under proper guidance.

If you have never practiced yoga before it is best to stick to prenatal yoga postures for best results.

Yoga postures:

Make sure you perform all your yoga poses on a thick blanket or a yoga mat.

Sukhasana / Easy pose:

Sit on one edge of the mat and stretch your legs. Slowly erect your spin and neck and cross your shins together while folding each foot under the other shin.

Keep the hands on your lap or stretch them out over the knee, palms facing down.

Join the index and thumb on both your hands and concentrate on your breathing.

Sit in this position for as long as you can.

It will be difficult for those who are accustomed to a chair but with practice you will get there.

Padmasana / Lotus pose:

Sit comfortably on the edge and stretch your legs.

Bend your left leg and slowly bring the face of your foot over your upper right thigh.

At this stage you can cross your right leg beneath the left. This would be Ardha-Padmasana (Half Lotus pose). This is a good way to start conditioning for the full Padmasana.

To execute the Padmasana, cross your right leg above the left so as the face of the right foot is placed on the upper left thigh.\

Before getting into both the above poses and once you are in the pose concentrate only on your breathing. Breath with your stomach and not the chest.

Bharadvaja’s Twist:

Sit down and relax. Stretch your feet.

Now shift to your right glutes and bends your knees towards the left.

Keeping your spin erect and inhale. Exhale twisting your torso to the right and place your left palm on the right knee and place the right hand next to your right glute.

Make sure the left glute is softly touching the ground.

Now be in this position for as long as you can and concentrate on breathing.

You can repeat the same on the other side.

Try these poses to relieve stress, indigestion issues and back pain and other such problems faced during pregnancy. Remember to consult a yoga master.
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