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We live in a fast-paced world and are constantly stressed out and brought down by the society that surrounds us. We face stresses about work, school, day-to-day life, and we’re always looking into the future instead of living in the moment and appreciating the world around us and everything we have to be grateful for.

Practicing mindfulness in our everyday lives can greatly increase our happiness, quality of life, and even our health and often people look at it as something that can only be practiced by those that are spiritually inclined. In reality, anyone can practice mindfulness and be more aware and present in their self and their life.

Here are some tips that can help you be more mindful:

Slow down and be present. Stop and acknowledge the things you are experiencing in the present moment. Pay attention to how the things around you and your daily activities make you feel, and be tuned into your five senses. Take the time to process these feelings, appreciate them, and if necessary, realize what you could do or change that will make you happier.
Be open to experiences. “[Adventure] can naturally teach us to be here now. Really, really here,” a quote shared in Huffington Post by adventurer Renee Sharp. By opening yourself to new experiences and adventures, you’re allowing new emotions in, and awakening your senses. Putting yourself out of your comfort zone pushes your boundaries and leaves you feeling fulfilled and accomplished.

Accept things as they are. Naturally we often are quick to think in the past or the future, and rarely just live in the present and accept the things around us in our lives. We are constantly looking at happiness as a destination as oppose to accepting the things that surround us, embracing them, and stop ourselves from trying to change the things we can’t.

Pay attention to your breathing.Our breath is what fuels us every single day, but how do we take a moment to pay attention to it? Mindful people know that calming the breath and being present with it is key to calming the mind. When you’re stressed, overwhelmed, or upset, take a moment to shift your focus from what is making you feel this way to focus on your breathing—this can help you regroup and refocus your emotions.

Separate yourself from technology. Since our society is addicted to technology, this is a harder personal challenge than most, but doing something as simple as shutting off your phone an hour before bed can help. Too much screen time is keeping us from truly connecting with others. Don’t let life and moments pass you by because you’re too busy hiding behind a screen.

Mindfulness can change your reaction to negativity and allow you to make better decisions, and realize what’s important in life. When you become more appreciative and aware of the world around you, you become more grateful, and at peace with the life your leading, even if it means embracingthe negative.

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