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British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP)
According to the government of Canada, the main source of population growth in British Columbia is, and will continue to be, immigration.
The BC PNP now has a higher overall allocation than any other PNP, with no fewer than 10 sub-categories, some of which are aligned with the federal Express Entry system.
Earlier this year, the BC PNP introduced a new Skills Immigration Registration System (SIRS), which allows the province to invite candidates to apply to the program on a priority basis. Over recent weeks, many hundreds of candidates have received invitations to apply to the BC PNP through this system, with most invited candidates coming as international graduates or skilled workers through enhanced sub-categories. The BC PNP has also invited candidates to apply through its entry level and semi-skilled category, base skilled worker category, and entrepreneur stream.
For international students in Canada, one hugely important aspect of the BC PNP is that its international graduates sub-categories are open to candidates who complete a study program at a university or college anywhere in Canada. This factor is even more pronounced since Ontario recently placed a temporary pause on two of its categories for international students. Consequently, many students in Canada may look to B.C. for career and immigration opportunities.


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Date Added : 23-6-2016