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From biochemical industries to the cosmetic manufacturing process, water is a crucial commodity. Depending on the process, water is used for several purposes like cooling the machine, acting as a catalyst, ensuring smooth flow of chemicals and a lot more. However, the crucial thing to understand is that water is not easily available everywhere. In fact, it is a fast depleting resource that is affecting the critical economic balance of the corporate scenario. Given this situation, the water treatment process pioneered by Praj Industries is coming across as a saviour that is helping industries optimize the use of water as a resource through Praj Hipurity systems.

Itís different

Unlike the simple pure steam generator, the water treatment process developed by Praj Hipurity specializes in purifying the water by guaranteeing zero discharge. All the water is utilized. This in turn makes it a cost effective option for your industrial processes as well. Also, the processes are patented and certified according to international industry standards. This in turn guarantees that the process being adapted by the industry is completely environment friendly. At Praj Hipurity, the focus is on providing integrated solutions. Everything from the installation to the implementation and after sales service is taken care of by the experts at Praj leaving the customers free to focus on their business.

Safe, clean and reliable!

Be it water for injections or other waste water treatment process, the focus at Praj Hipurity is to develop clean and reliable solutions. By clean, the implication is on solutions that are environment friendly. These solutions help businesses achieve their growth without harming the other assets of Mother Nature in any way. Since the solutions are developed in accordance to the existing protocols of the industry, they are completely reliable and using them does not pose a threat to the overall efficiency of your existing business module.

Innovation is the key

Driven by a passion to innovate, the experts at Praj Hipurity work as an extension of the clientís core team allowing them to gain maximum advantage of their expertise. Right from understanding the needs of the business to tailor making the solutions to suit the needs of the process, these experts will take care of every requirement. Even when the process needs reviewing or modification due to any reason, Praj Hipurity will take the required effort to ensure that the stakeholders are able to gain best possible advantage.

The Praj Hipurity team also takes care of the cleaning & sanitization process for process vessels and interconnecting process piping. This is one of the most critical aspect in the Pharmaceutical, Lifesciences, Healthcare and Cosmetic industries that helps to remove residues from the previous batches and ensure contamination-free systems to increase the overall efficiency.
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