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We are the Ostron Virtul Reality. We were founded on the principle that businesses have a moral obligation to contribute to society and community. This principle has guided us so far but it has always been our customers who have been the key to our success.
The problems, the needs and even the desires of our customers have continuously inspired Ostron's team of passionate and technology enthusiasts to innovate and develop complete VR solutions, not just products. We engage and listen to our customers; and this is how we’re able to see the world as they do. And the world they see is the one we’re committed to improving and i.e the world of Virtual Reality.
Our vision today is the latest expression of our commitment – to elevate the quality of life of everyone whose lives we touch. Our vision is at the heart of our customer relationships and the energizing force behind our growth and thus We are now India's Leading VR Manufacturing company.
Ostron VR Headset is the world's first VR headset with stick based controller. Ostron 3D cardboards are the virtual reality (VR) platform with a fold-out cardboard mount for smartphones in order to have a perfect 3D view. Cardboard is a fun, inexpensive way to turn nearly any Android or ios phone into a virtual reality viewer.
Ostron has much to be proud of during the past year but it is to the future we look. We have our guiding vision and our strategy to become a global leader in VR markets. From building Quality Products to developing pioneering solutions, our efforts will be grounded by those we serve and whose perspectives that inspire us: our customers.

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