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De's Stories
De's Stories follows my journey as a writer. This blog also contains short stories and articles on novel writing and book promotion....
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Excellence in Communication
This blog is about all kinds of aspects in business and sales communication. What to do and what not to do. Tips & tricks and debunking myths....
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Mudder Truckers | A 4x4 Lifestyle
Mudder Truckers is a 4x4 blog, all about the lifestyle of 4x4, product reviews, locations reviews, stories, articles, photos, videos and so much more....
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Ways of Wanderers
This blog is a place for me to share my funny, weird, life-changing, and emotional adventures as I spend 15 months volunteering with different host families around the world....
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Coalition Music: Record Label and Artist Management
Get news on your favourite Coalition artists, see what's going on with our esteemed staff, and enter exclusive contests!...
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Decogirl Montreal Home decorating blog
We help you love your home, beautify it whatever your budget is, provide you with resources, inspiration, and offer you the possibility of sharing our ideas, and our success in making our house our home.
With inspiration we can obtain a ‘Big effect with a small price’ with inspiration you can decorate your home with ninety eight percent soul and two percent budget....
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Exploring ideas, big & small, that focus on taking things to the next level. The envision online perspective on web design, culture, online success and business growth. ...
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Cosmic Dad
I'm a Stay at Home Dad who feels like an alien in two worlds simultaneously. The first one is the world of stay at home parenting where only one in ten is a dad and where it feels like one in a million. The second is the "home" world of girls (daughters & wife) and learning the intricacies of those relationships. The blog provides me an opportunity to share my take on what I'm doing to navigate these "strange new worlds" and to "boldly go where (it feels like) no man has gone before"....
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1/64 Diecast Fun
All about diecast cars. Lot of pics of my own personal collection. Very rigourous in documentation, and comparison with real cars....
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This is the personal blog of Dr. Robert A. Campbell, University Librarian at Cape Breton University, in Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada....
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