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Bombay, (now Mumbai) was formed by the combination of seven islands. As the capital of Maharashtra, the city can boast about the success of many businessmen who are amongst the richest in the world. Several rags to riches stories unfold in the city of Mumbai. Mumbai is also called “The city of dreams”, for this reason. When people work hard, it is only fair they can play hard too. Nightclubs in Mumbai are the best ways to experience a once- in- the- lifetime moments, when you can settle down for a beer and unwind.

Mumbai, the city that never sleeps!

Mumbai is the fastest city of India. For a visitor watching Mumbai is like a time lapse video. Everything moves in 4 x, 5 x speeds and there is no pause button or a slow motion button that comes with Mumbai life. Mumbaikars, (the residents of Mumbai), work hard and wait for the evenings and weekends to unwind and have some excitement at Nightclubs in Mumbai. If you plan to visit Mumbai, then you have to spend at least a couple of nights, to experience the luxury of the nightclubs.

Cool lounge bars, trickling water bodies, bar staffs mixing cocktails, beaches, swishing palms, beats from popular numbers is what makes a night club. At the Nightclubs in Mumbai, music keeps changing from Bollywood hits to English to country music; the smooth shift is very becoming in the hands of the skilled DJs. If you are lucky, you can get to see the celebrities standing next to you and dancing to the same music as you. The surreal sound system will make you feel as if you are in some corner of the world, where the rest of the world doesn’t exist.

Quench your thirst with cocktails and music

There are potent combinations like upbeat clubs and old school music, traditional night clubs with fast music, contemporary clubs with reverberating music. Take a pick from the exotic Nightclubs in Mumbai, dance, and drink and be merry.

If it is your first time in Mumbai and you want to see the luxurious “Nightclub in Mumbai”, then you should go to Trilogy also known as Sea Princess. In three words, if you have to describe Trilogy, you can say it is Trendy, Thriving and Tantalizing, Cheers to the Three Ts, Cheers to Trilogy! Trilogy attracts the elites and they mean it when they say, “Rights of admission reserved”. If you want to impress your date, then Trilogy is the place you should take your loved one to.

Feeling at home at the Nightclubs in Mumbai?

If you follow these steps, you will feel at home at the Nightclubs in Mumbai.

• You are measured by what you wear
• Check in advance regarding the dress code
• Conduct yourself well
• Be trendy but make yourself comfortable as well
• Keep up the poise and your best humor; you may make good friends that way.
• Decide ahead on who will be at the wheels, that way you can stay safe and keep your partner safe.

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