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Medivision Gold Retail

Our association with medicines is a very old one. Ever since we were little children, we were constantly taught how health is wealth and how everything is doomed, once health starts to falter. While growing up, we all did earn the wrath of health more than once, and those small, innocent looking, yet bitter tablets did come to our rescue when we were down and out with one or the other recuperating episodes. So, here we are in the twenty-first century, living in an ultra-fast paced life, where life making and breaking decisions are made in a matter of split seconds and consequences, are too many to handle at a time. Everything is just a click away and the Genie called technology, so efficiently blurs boundaries of all sorts in pretty much every other aspect of life.
So, who are we to break the ever enchanting spell of Technology? To better equip people with health and preventing diseases, here we are presenting the latest medical store billing software from Technological front “Medivision Gold Retail” again, just a click way. Medivision Gold Retail is medical shop billing software, which a one-step solution to enhance the ease and access of retail shops, pharmacies or medical drug stores. It is just the kind of product that makes accounting easy and flexible up to finalization and rightfully saves ‘time and dime’ by managing the umbrella of your inventory and leaves it into a hassle free affair at the end of the day.
Ever since the cyber revolution has revolutionized the way products are being marketed and sold, it becomes increasingly important that only the right product paves the way to the customer’s hands. As per comScore Inc., the study shows that pharmaceutical online advertising has the highest view ability rates of any industry and that consumers are increasingly turning to new platforms such as mobile devices to consume health-related content. As they say, physicians are already on board with healthcare apps being used autonomously by patients, with 86% of doctors saying that they believed that healthcare apps would become important to physicians over the next 5 years When it comes to medical shop management where medicines of various types pertaining to various needs are dealt on a day to day basis, it is important that the credibility of the software is ensured under all costs. Medivision has been developed for more than 12 years and encompasses every aspect of medical retail business under its umbrella. It is inventory software that is secure and simple, easy and efficient all at the same time. Medivision Gold Retail is also available as App and is as proficient as the desktop application. It helps in the on-time medical store management with a keen eye for details given to explore all the nooks and corners of retail chemist software. Due to its user-friendly interface self-developed back-end that offers superb speed & tamper-proof data security, it has already found a foothold in the market and is rated as one of the best software for the medical retail shop.
Medivision Gold Retail enables data exchange for automatic feeding of purchase bills between retailers and wholesalers. In the present times when everything is split up in analytic format and reports have become very instrumental in the decision-making process, Medivision allows the retailers to generate the report in the most user-friendly format with search, sort export all in drill down or zoom in facility as per the requirement. It also has the integrated backup and restore tool and the simplest method of closing the financial year. It is bar code enabled with special alerts for narcotic drugs and is equipped with prompt after sales support. Everything that is required under the sun for hassle free management and smooth running of a retail medical store, it is effectively covered under Medivision Gold Retail Software. With thousands of satisfied users professing Medivision as the best medical store software, Medivision Gold Retail rightly serves your purpose

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Date Added : 12-2-2016