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Doctors are considered as next to God in our society as they save the life of a person. They are the only person who can reduce our sufferings when we are in pain. It is really a challenging career and it requires a long-term commitment as passion to become a doctor. There are many reasons why one dreams to become a doctor. Some of these reasons are discussed below:

Diverse Career options: After completing MBBS in abroad or in India, you can have diverse career options. You can not only choose a hospital to practice but you can work in science institute, public health care or you can become a part of medical department of various other fields.
Work with a wide range of people: A doctor needs to work with a wide range of people. In case you love to interact with people medicine is the best career option for you. As a doctor you must have a great patience and understands towards the people, especially the infants and aged people.
Can make yourself and other Happy: Becoming a doctor is a very tough job as you consistently need to deliver the best to your patient. But the best part of becoming a doctor is when you can save the life of a person or can give relief to a sick person. You can then realise that you have made a difference to humanity by your hard effort. That is very satisfying and no other job can give you that level of satisfaction.
Globally recognised Job: There is a great uniformity of medical science and knowledge in all over the world. The medical course curriculum is almost same in all over the world. Thus whether you got your medical degree from India or from abroad it does not matter. You can still work anywhere in the world just by clearing the screening test of that country. Medical degree is globally recognised and you can pursue MBBS in Russia, MBBS in US, MBBS in UK, MBBS in CANADA, MBBS in PHLIPINES, MBBS in CHINA or MBBS from anywhere in the world, you will be given the opportunity to work anywhere and settle anywhere in the world but you need to clear the screening test of the country.
Teamwork: As a physician you always have to work in a team. In almost every day of your life you have to cooperate with nurses, other co-doctors and other medical staffs. You cannot work alone in the field of medicine and you can never success without a team.
Great need for good doctors: Today almost in all countries the ratio of doctors to patients is getting less day by day. The number of good doctors is getting less very rapidly. So the medical students are in great demand now. Most of the medical student gets a job immediately after he completes his medical education. But this is not the case with engineers, lawyers, or any other professions.
Stable and safe career: The profession of doctor is very safe. This is the only profession which will never affected by recession. We will always require good doctors and they will always be in demand. It is not mandatory for Doctors to do jobs in hospital; they can open their own clinic and practice themselves. Thus they are very safe.
Highly paid profession: Good doctors are generally highly paid especially in metro cities like Hyderabad, New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata, etc. However in private hospitals the salaries of doctors depends on their experience, skills and availability. In government sector salaries of doctors are decided by periodic pay revision commissions.
Status and Respect in Society: Doctors are the most respected members of the society. They are considered as a symbol of dignity, responsibility and service towards the community.
Constant learning opportunities: As a doctor you always need to be updated in order to deliver the best to your patient. The field of medicine is doing advancement very rapidly. So as a doctor you have to engage yourself in the continual learning to be updated with the latest advancement in medicine.
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