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Web hosting can be defined as a specialized kind of service that involves renting space to customers on the World Wide Web. This space is used by the customers to run their website(s) on the internet. The web hosting service basically uses a special kind of computer called a web-server that stores the data of websites and receives requests for information from the internet and supply the requested information.

In addition to making a website visible on the internet, a web server performs several other important functions like providing the ability to create email addresses based on one’s domain name, sending and receiving emails from domain name based email id, etc. There are many software programs that are installed on a web server allowing one’s website to display video, display images, run programs, create and manage databases etc.

There are various ways of web hosting and each type has its pros and cons. Given under are the main types of web hosting services in India:

Shared web hosting:

As the name suggests, shared web hosting is a type of web hosting service in which the web-server is shared among several clients. This type of web hosting is quite economical in comparison to other types of web hosting India services. However, there are certain disadvantages in this option like the possibility of blacklisting from different search engines, security threats, and system downtimes.

Dedicated web hosting:

Dedicated servers offer the most reliable and efficient web hosting services in India. They are not shared by multiple clients like the shared web-servers but rather they are dedicated to one organization only. These servers are very reliable and provide optimum security of data. These servers can be configured to suit client’s requirements. Most of the big organizations opt for dedicated server hosting option. The only negative point is that this hosting option is very expensive in comparison to other hosting types.

VPS web hosting:

VPS or Virtual Private Server web hosting is one of the famous web-hosting services in the online market these days. The VPS hosting Bhopal server is quite economical in comparison to a physical server, as it eliminates the need of maintaining a physical server. It acts as a separate server for each website and yet it is a single server. It is also a very efficient system, as in case one website is experiencing downtime, the other sites remain unaffected because they are on a different partition.

Colocation web hosting:

This service is quite similar to the dedicated server web hosting. The difference lies in the point that unlike the dedicated server, in colocation server hosting the service provider provides only the electrical supply, internet access, and housing space for the server; the server is to be maintained entirely by the client company. In most of the cases, the client has his own system administrator who visits the data center regularly to configure the hardware or software as required.


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