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Life in Bangalore, wherein keeping track of one’s own time becomes a time consuming task, it’s necessary to unwind now and then. The countless Lounge bars allow such Bangalorians to take the edge of by shifting their moods. It’s a relaxing sensation that allows you to see something beyond your deadlines and tensions and lets you romance with yourself.
After hours of sitting frozen in a place and working on a computer, stretching and waving your body on the absorbing music squeezes the body of all its strain. Competing in the race of converting rupees into dollars, we often miss the most important ingredients of our lives. So where are the Best lounge bars in Bangalore? The highest lounges of South India with a breath taking view has gifted Bangalorians with a good podium to jell up with others and give an outline to their lives.
Although today’s flexible job culture encourages its employees to be interactive and sociable, a lot of employees do not find solace in it. A go to the lounge bar on weekends, imbibes into you something to look forward to during the week days. A combination of your favourite whiskey in hand, your beloved in arms on a Friday night karaoke is what everyone wishes could stay forever. Dancing with your friends in the bars till the body wears you of the last inkling of energy while actually recharging your souls. It offers you the drinks you would love to drown yourself into. The bar lounges also have some succulent starters like meat pies, assorted curries, succulent sea food, rolls etc which land you in a fix to pick the best-to-go snack while you sip your wines.
Different people have different ways of doing things. If you are the kind of person who does not find peace in silence, and loud music actually qualifies your definition of peace, you must not miss the chance of visiting these bar lounges often. Are you a rock music fan, but your grandfather’s constant complaint about the western music influence on you doesn’t let you tweak your woofers to the max? Then it is a sign that you must probably pay a visit to one of these lounge bars and dance the night away to glory. These joints are actually a great place, giving you ample opportunities for socialising while you sip away from your favourite cocktail. Otherwise, there wouldn’t have been any difference between a liquor store and a lounge bar. If you are not much of an extrovert, but you like the idea of music, drinks and food, then you should try to get going solo to the lounge bar. You never know what great memories you might create there. You can always grab a drink and observe people, enjoying your own company. The non-alcoholics too can shake a glass with the huge options of mocktails with their friends. At the end of the day, all one wants is a night of fun, frolic and enjoyment and some of the Best lounge bars In Bangalore.

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Date Added : 30-11-2015