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Liz pichon tom gates series:

Liz pichon is a childrenís writer and british illustrator. She lives in brighton & Born on Agust 16, 1963 london, England.She was a worker in the musical label Jive Records as art director.

Pichon used to say that when she was child, she was interested to draw, and her mom says She is really good at making mess. She went to art school and became a designer and art director at Jive Records. After published this Series in UK, The Brilliant World of Tom Gates has got several prestigious awards. This tom Gates series is absolutely brilliant.

Titles In This Series:
Tom Gates 9: Top of the Class (Nearly)
Yes! No (MaybeÖ) (Tom Gates)
A Tiny Bit Lucky (Tom Gates)

Tom Gates 9: Top of the Class (Nearly)

Top of the Class (Nearly) is the 9th book of Liz Pichon Tom Gates Series. This books describes the Tom when he runs for the school council and trying to be best in the class. As per usual plans it may be not possible, Regarding plsn..when tom could only follow his individual BEST tips for being TOP of the class.

Stay aware of lessons (it Benefits.)
Donít draw extremely amusing pictures of your teachers.
AVOID the person who uses influence to harm & stay out of trouble.
Donít allow Mum and Dad writes ANYTHING in your school schemer.
Donít allow your grumpy sister Delia BOSS you around
Yes! No (MaybeÖ) (Tom Gates)

Yes! No (MaybeÖ) is the 8th book of Pichon Tom Gates Series. The laugh-out-loud Tom Gates has published another brilliant addition of Liz Pichonís illustrated series. This Tom Gates series is a brilliant and laugh-out-loud. This is the car boot sale & Mumís all excited. Will I be capable to discover a scooter (YES!), Will grumpy Delia be out of her room (No) and save my comic book collection (MaybeÖ)

Sometimes building up my mind isnít easy to do. Particularly when my grumpy sister Delia is come into view over me. Mumís on a mission to Clean up the whole house. She says if I canít decide what to get Avoid, sheíll help me. It would be a catastrophe! Lucky for me, The FOSSILS come to my rescue (more than once!).

This is the hugely popular addition of Liz Pichonís Tom Gates series. The boy hero feeling somewhat indecisive being his sister Delia is grumpy as ever. The booksí very great in amount of popularity is testament to Pichonís ability to write Individual humour for children.

A Tiny Bit Lucky (Tom Gates):

A Tiny Bit Lucky is the 7th addition of the Pichon Tom Gates Series. A Tiny Bit Lucky which includes doodles, disasters, silly laughs & Itís scooped the Roald Dahl Funny Prize, Red House Award and Waterstones Childrenís Book Prize.

Is Tom and his band DOGZOMBIES lucky enough to win the Rockweekly Bandbattle competition? They might be when they could find time to prepare! But with examiners in the school, an amazing new cartoon on TV, caramel wafers to have it and a stray cat coming in the way, Tomís a little too busy having FUN!
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