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Light Up The Gulf Of Mexico is an operation of restoring the Gulf of Mexico energetically using various energy technology. With this technique we can change the Earth for the better, and turn around the darker, negative energies and take back our natural earth healing systems. As we move forward into a new kind of living and world with proper energies for everyone, all will benefit and creativity can flourish.

It is a process of deploying positive energy devices worldwide and wish to take the plant to the next level, becoming a larger beacon of light in a world that is suffering in ways unimaginable. We must work together to clean-up the Planet energetically, as stagnant energies have taken the planet in a downward spiral.

Using crystal energy technology, deployment of vast amounts of Orgonite, or Life-Force, Chi energy generator devices, along with new technologies, utilizing sacred geometry to balance and harmonize the Gulf of Mexico natural earth systems and fun our initial operations to start up our creative energetic solutions.

We are really excited to have you come on board and help us work on our first restoration project and expand operations so we can light up the entire Earth.

We look forward to keeping you up-to-date on our progress, Peace, Love and Light.

Restoration of our planet healing systems is very urgent and with your help I wish to get back healing system of our planet.

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