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When a woman wears the right fragrance, it's broadly agreed, the effect can be magical in many ways. Few understand this as well as very well respected custom fragrance brand Preeminence. In exciting news, Preeminence recently announced the release of their latest women's fragrance Floral Fixation No. 2, which contains a medley of sweet floral scents, with iris being most dominant.

February 26, 2017

If there's one place where quality truly shines and makes itself clear, it may just be in the world of colognes and perfumes, where low quality and average choices stick out like a sore thumb compared to premium quality options. Independent custom fragrance brand Preeminence are proud to have earned their place as leaders in this ever-interesting space, recently announcing the launch of their latest release for women, Floral Fixation No. 2, an eye opening and compelling scent made up of a sweet floral medley, highlighted with iris being its main notes. Customers have responded with enthusiasm.

“We couldn't be more excited about our new release of Floral Fixation No. 2, something we put a great deal of thought and hard work into,” commented Angelo Austin, owner and fragrance designer of the brand. “We are looking forward, as always, to doing our best to exceed even the highest of our valued customer's expectations.”

According to Preeminence, the company are very happy to offer a full selection of custom fragrances, signature fragrances and high quality lotions. Preeminence also do their best to educate shoppers on how to make more informed purchases on the type of fragrances they appreciate most, describing the different common categories offered, what they each entail and how the company can best deliver exactly what a shopper is looking for when it comes to a cologne or perfume.

Early feedback for Floral Fixation No. 2 have been very positive across the board.

Michelle D., from New York, recently said, “I'm incredibly happy with Floral Fixation No. 2, it's the perfect scent for the season. This is actually the third fragrance I've purchased from Preeminence and I've loved them all. Five stars and fully recommended.”

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